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Barney Saltzberg

With close to fifty picture books published, including Beautiful Oops, Crazy Hair Day, and Peekaboo Kisses, Barney Saltzberg has been traveling the  world talking about creativity and where ideas come from. He lectured in China and  Russia through a cultural exchange program through the United States State  Department.  

Barney is passionate about working with children, parents, teachers, organizations on  the art of making mistakes and finding play and creativity in our everyday lives. 

His books have won numerous awards, including NAPPA Gold Awards, Publishers  Weekly and Kirkus Starred Reviews. Most recently Melinda Gates chose Beautiful  Oops as one of the top three books every child should read. 

Barney has recently collaborated on a book with Jamie Lee Curtis called, What do you see: A Conversation in Pictures. This project was born out of a school visit where Jamie complimented Barney’s creativity, lamenting her own inability to draw . . .  and Barney countered that everyone is creative in their own way. They joined forces to  create a book that is sure to inspire kids of all ages. 

He has two books coming out this spring. We Are Expecting YOU! (Orchard Books) and A Delicious Story (Hippo Park).

To learn more about Barney visit BarneySaltzberg.com

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