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Kathy Frazier

Kathy Frazier is a Gifted Education Specialist at Orange High School in Ohio and an adjunct professor at Kent State University, teaching Instructional Processes for Gifted Students. Her LLC, Touching the Future Today, provides professional development for teachers, creative classroom lessons for students, and consulting services for K-12 teachers and parents. 

Kathy has previously taught first through third grade and gifted education K-12. As a graduate of Kent State University, she has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Early Childhood Education and an Educational Specialist Degree in Elementary Education and K-12 Gifted Education. She is a National Board Certified Teacher in the area of Early Adolescent Generalist. Kathy was honored to be named Ohio Gifted Teacher of the Year. Each year, Kathy co-authors the International Future Problem Solving Program Topic Activity Units. She has also written A Kid’s Guide to Scenario Writing, Power Up Your Creative Mind, published by Pieces of Learning Press, and articles in Parenting for High Potential Magazine.

Kathy has made numerous presentations on Creativity, Problem Solving, Entrepreneurship, Service Learning, and Creative Instructional Strategies at World, National, and State Gifted Conferences. She is completing her master’s in Creativity and Change Leadership at Buffalo State University. Kathy is certified in Creative Teaching from Buffalo State University and the Fable Vision International Learning Community. She loves teaching all grade levels and helping students to bring their creative projects to life. She believes “Creativity Does NOT have to be sacrificed to teach content standards.” Visit her website or email her at kathy.frazier1@gmail.com

Learn more about Kathy at https://www.touchingthefuturetoday.com/


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