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Laura Snyder

Laura Snyder is a recognized educator, known for her dedication to nurturing students’ growth, fostering collaboration, and shaping future leaders. With a remarkable career spanning 37 years as a mathematics teacher in Township High School District 214, Laura’s impact has reached generations of learners. After graduating from the University of Illinois with a degree in Mathematics, Laura embarked on a lifelong journey of teaching and leadership. She further honed her skills by earning a Master’s in Administration and Supervision from Roosevelt University, solidifying her commitment to both the classroom and educational administration.

Laura’s legacy is closely intertwined with the Township High School District 214’s mathematics curriculum. Throughout her career, she played a pivotal role in shaping the standards and curriculum that have guided countless students on their mathematical journeys. Her innovative approach to education extended beyond the classroom, as she served as a Staff Development Coordinator and leader of Professional Learning Teams, fostering a culture of continuous improvement among her colleagues. Laura also served as a task force member for ISBE along with the College Board to determine the meet/exceed standards for the SAT State Test given each spring in Illinois. 

In addition to her exceptional teaching career, Laura took on various leadership roles that showcased her passion for holistic education. She was not only a dedicated mathematics teacher but also a cheerleading coach, student council advisor, and National Honor Society sponsor. Her commitment to students’ holistic development helped create well-rounded individuals ready to take on the world.

Laura’s dedication to her own professional growth culminated in her earning National Board Certification in 2012, a testament to her commitment to excellence in education. Her passion for nurturing young minds extended beyond regular school hours, as she ran an after-school tutoring program, ensuring that students received the support they needed to succeed.

Beyond the classroom, Laura finds joy in various pursuits. Her therapy dog, Robie, accompanies her on visits to schools and hospitals, spreading comfort and smiles. She loves nature and can often be found walking, hiking, and enjoying the serenity of her lake house in the north woods of Wisconsin. Laura’s family is a cherished part of her life, with a wonderful husband and three accomplished daughters who have followed diverse career paths.

Laura’s impact reaches far beyond her years in the classroom. She continues to share her wisdom by coaching and mentoring fellow educators, inspiring them to create vibrant learning communities that encourage creativity and curiosity. Her legacy lives on through the students she has nurtured and the colleagues she has influenced.

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